Ahner Security Inc. 

Installs, Monitors, & Services Commercial and Residential Security, Fire, & Video Surveillance Systems




How to make an online payment?

Click on Pay Now button on our home page. It will take you to the start of the payment process. You will see two options. If you are a first time user, you will not have a username or password, so click on "Click to pay now" option. The form will open and complete the fields necessary. (Unless you are paying for a business and need to list the company, leave that and other fields inapplicable blank). Include your customer # or invoice # if you have it, as that is important to help determine customers who may have the same name or what you are paying for. It gives you the choice to pay using your credit card or by checking account (echeck). You have the option to set up a username and password to make your transaction process faster in the future.


What to do if your service light is on?

If you have a GE system, press *2 on the keypad & see what number lights up solidly. If it's a "6" you have likely had a recent phone outage. If it's a "7" then it is a failure to communicate with the monitoring station. After seeing the number that lights up, press # to get out of the service menu. (Ex. press *2 a 6 lights up press #). Often, if the 6 lights up, after you press # to get out of the menu, it will clear the service light. If you have a 7 to light up, after you press # to get out of the menu, you will have to intentionally set off your alarm and see if the monitoring station calls you. If not, call us. If they do, you're all set.

How much is your monitoring fee?

If you have a landline (through Century Link or TWC), $48 per quarter or $176 for the year (paying ahead gives you 1 month for free). 
**Magic Jack rarely works with alarm systems and other voice-over phones such as Verizon, etc. do not work at all! Do not cancel your home phone service until you call us, because you will have to purchase a cell communicator to continue being monitored if you cancel your home phone service. Cell communicators are $170 & monitoring rates increase to $66 per quarter signal forwarding only or $78 per quarter for smartphone access with signal forwarding with annual options to save a month, as well.

Who receives my alarm activity when a signal occurs? Who do I contact to put my system on test during an inspection or home repair (short term testing for less than 24 hours)?

Security Central, a nationwide 24/7 monitoring central station hub receives alarm activity.  We do not receive any activity.  To place your system on test, you may contact us first if you choose, but if we are not in the office, you should contact Security Central directly at 800 438-4171. We can't put systems on test in advance and neither can they. You will need to call when you are ready to begin. (Test means that when you set off your alarm, they won't call you or dispatch during that time unless you ask them for a call back to verify they received the activity. This is done most often for inspections for commercial fire alarms, but we recommend everyone test their system occasionally.)